C.J. ('Jonty') Driver

C.J.Driver published four major pieces of literary work in 2013:

* In March, a sequence of twenty-two poems, under the general title of "Before", was published in the South African literary magazine, New Contrast No. 161. Most of the poems were drafted when Driver held a fellowship at the Hawthornden International Writers' Centre in Scotland in 2012.


* In June, the Kingston University Press (KUP) published My Brother & I, one of its series of short biographies, and joint-winner of the anonymous competition organised by the KUP last year. My Brother & I is available from the Legend Press (£6.99 plus postage) or from Amazon.


* In September, Mampoer Shorts published as an e-book Used to be Great Friends, an essay in autobiography, a revised and updated version of an essay published first in Granta in 2002. It is available to download from Amazon or from Mampoer.


* In November, the Happenstance Press published a pamphlet of twenty-four selected poems with the title Citizen of Elsewhere. It may be ordered from Happenstance Press for £5.00 plus £1.00 p&p (less from subscribers to the Happenstance Press).
 * C.J.Driver is at the moment working on what he calls a "professional memoir" called provisionally SOME SCHOOLS. He hopes to finish it in 2014.
* In March 2014, C.J. (Jonty) Driver was invited to be one of the readers at the Mandela Memoral Service in Wesminster Abbey, and read a short passage from the 'Robben Island Bible', i.e. an extra from Julius Ceasar which Nelson Mandela had signed and dated in 1977.

Young Man Dancing

He danced: a step,

Another step,

Retreat, reprise,

A twirl, repose...


No cause for joy

That I could see –

Much cause for grief

That one might guess


And yet he danced

Such measured steps,

Repeating them

Exactly placed:


Unsmiling face

Rehearsing there,

The backdrop shacks,

A sidewalk stage


In fading light –

And still he danced,

His audience

A passing car.


(published in Carapace 2012)